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The Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP) hosted another one of its annual conferences this year at EDSA Shangri-La, Manila. The event, which is regarded as the largest supply chain conference in the Philippines, was held for two days, October 2nd and 3rd, with a variety of different activities to participate in; most notable was the booth exhibit by the different supply chain and logistics companies nationwide, as well as a plenary session wherein select delegates from the different attendees could listen to talks by top figures in the Philippine logistics and supply chain industry. The event was an excellent marketing opportunity for sponsors and attendees alike to grow their networks and see for themselves what the different companies in the industry have to offer, first-hand, all in one place.

What made the event special for our company, however, is that it was the first time Victory Group attended it as a sponsor. During last year’s conference, our company was still in its infancy stages having only been founded in the same year, and it made it especially impressive that we attended and took the floor as one of the nine sapphire sponsors, the highest rank of sponsorship available! With it came a lot of challenges and hard-worked preparation, but the team managed to pull through with much success. Everyone involved helped out in the biggest ways they could, providing input, support, and assistance where needed. Even people from other companies, customers and competitors, could see something much stronger underneath it all: the unifying spirit of Victory; a victorious spirit.

Baby Boomers are exiting the logistics scene, and Gen X is starting to be side-lined as millennials have started entering the workforce, so we must adapt marketing strategies that cater to these existing supply chain talents – a key takeaway from Victory Group’s president and CEO, Ike Castillo’s plenary talk planted seeds in the minds of eager listeners attentively nodding their heads in understanding. Fourteen other speakers spoke about different topics in connection to SCMAP’s “Connect, Engage, Move” theme, making it truly a gathering to learn more from the best minds in the industry.

As we took down our booth and shook the hands of those around us, we turned our backs, heavy with lessons learned, on the two-day culmination of a year and a half of what our company has been working on. Let us not forget and lose sight of what we aim for, that behind all the praise and congratulations, there lie people to be served, needs that need catering to, and logistics that we make easier. Let us continue to work harder, and rise up and beyond what others have seen and the expectations that we have set for ourselves. We’ll see you all next year!