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Victory Star Shipping Line proudly announces the launching and christening of its very 1st Vessel, the MV Victory Unido!

MV Victory Unido has a LOA (Length OverAll) of 129.78 meters and has a GRT (Gross Registered Tonnage) of 7869MT (Metric Tonnes) with carrying capacity of 841TEUs by design. “Today we will officially launch her so that she would brave fair winds, and give better fortunes to all who sail on her. Yes, we will officially launch her to Victory,”

President Ike Castillo’s speech echoes the pride that we all felt as he talked about MV Victory Unido.

“Today, marks also the beginning of a complete synchronized end-to-end solutions offering that will reverberate in the market (with due respect, it has actually done so even prior this official launch) as Victory’s aggressive attempt to make logistics easier” He added. He added.

We celebrate the launch of our first ship in line with our goal to offer a reliable backbone to any customer’s supply chain having inter-island connectivity as the key element. This is a logistic reality we are creating in our archipelagic market.

The establishment of a shipping operating unit under Victory Group provides key strength to the other operating units heavily involved in other areas of logistics and distribution – specifically, warehousing and other modes of transportation.

The celebration of MV Victory Unido was very well attended as Father Noy Sablon, MSP, led the mass and conducted the blessing of the vessel and was assisted by our very own Ms. Nice Ramos.

Victory Star Shipping Line’s COO Ligert Lee ended the program with his very encouraging closing remarks, “Let us not forget that our success not only depends on the number of containers that we load but more so on the number of lives we directly and indirectly improve through our vessel network and our end-to-end supply chain solutions offering”.

We look to the future with eager hopes for what great adventures this milestone event will bring us. We hope we get to meet you in our journey as well as we welcome customers aboard our ship soon.

“Mabuhay ang MV Victory Unido. Mabuhay tayong lahat!” – President Ike Castillo